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December 17, 2018
For the Third Time a Gold Medal Winner 2018!

Once again the bar has been raised by the chefs of Canada in the annual University of Guelph Good Food Innovation Awards. The calibre of the 2018 menus was absolutely outstanding! It’s Canadian cuisine at its finest.

Previous Awards and Reviews

  • Rossmount Inn has been featured in “Where to Eat in Canada” for the past five years initially with a two star rating and as of 2010 with three stars, making it the only three star venue in New Brunswick, one of two in the Maritimes and one of 23 in Canada

  • The Inn has been featured in a T.V. reality show called “I do let’s eat” produced by the Canadian Food Network

  • Rossmount Inn has been involved in a new documentary called the “Untamed Gourmet” featuring wild foraged foods which aired a few times in December with repeats throughout the year

  • Rossmount Inn was officially invited by Agriculture Canada and represented Canada with its local products in: Vancouver for the Olympic Games 2010 & in Calgary for the Stampede 2010

  • Rossmount Inn represented New Brunswick at the first National Chef’s Congress in Toronto in 2008

  • Recipient of the “Innovation Recognition” award in October 2010

  • Member of the Canadian “Signature Experience Collection”

  • The Inn, and in particular the restaurant, has become a destination point for Tourism New Brunswick when they entertain worldwide media and travel representatives

  • Board member of the Charlotte Country Tourism Association

  • Since 2009 a member of the advisory board to the Governor General in conjunction with the creation of a new Governor General’s Award in celebration of the Nations Table. Ongoing member of the same board.

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